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Under the masterful guidance of Chef Salvatore, OroNero Bar & Ristorante offers an authentic Italian dining experience. Each dish is crafted using traditional recipes and the freshest, locally-sourced ingredients, paying homage to Italy's rich culinary heritage. Chef Salvatore's passion for Italian cuisine shines through in every bite, offering a genuine taste of Italy's diverse flavors. 
  • Specials
    Delve into an array of specials, each thoughtfully crafted by Chef Salvatore himself, showcasing his passion for innovative taste combinations that promise to transport you straight to the heart of Italy.
Terrace ON
OroNero Bar & Ristorante features a high-fashion, aviation-inspired lounge with luxurious materials like gold buffalo leather, pink and black gold snake upholstery, and ebonized timber. It includes a prosecco bar, a grappa library, and a salumi kitchen, all elegantly finished in black marble with amber veins for late-night dining and specialty drinks. The restaurant boasts a unique show kitchen enclosed by golden mosaic screens, allowing only the chefs' silhouettes to be seen, alongside a walk-in wine cellar. The design, by Blue Sky Hospitality, includes bespoke amber and black veined timber flooring and a wool carpet symbolizing spills of coffee, Prosecco, olive oil, and Balsamico. Retro-futuristic black gloss tulip chairs with golden pads and marble tables enhance the avant-garde yet timeless ambiance. Conceptual art by Henry Chebaane, including a "Golden Beluga" sculpture, adds depth by merging aesthetic pleasure with philosophical engagement.